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A Wholistic Wealth Program to Boost Your
Financial Abundance and Emotional Freedom
Inspired by the wisdom principles of nature, this program transforms financial burnout, stress, and anxiety into a life full of PROSPERITY.
Receive the wisdom…
If you are ready for this now, let’s go!
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Receiving the Living Wealthy Wisdom
This is a journey of transmutation, where you’ll become the keen observer and the wisdom keeper of your financial bliss while shaking free from the chaos, trauma, and drama interrupting your daily diet of happiness and abundance.
This is your GOLDEN TICKET to creating a sacred wealth relationship, where you can finally breathe, feel whole, and genuinely enjoy abundance.
You are an ambitious and a passionate leader! And, you’ve been putting blood, sweat, money, and perhaps even a tear or two, into your personal growth and business success, right?

Let's be frank, do you feel like you're locked in a never-ending cycle of anxiety, loneliness, and on a perpetual hunt for a sense of adequacy?
You've tried everything from therapists to life coaches, but there's still something missing, isn't there?

The truth...

…regardless of the money in the bank or investments in your accounts the fear about your future financial security constantly looms over you like a big boulder about to roll down the cliff.

You've sacrificed your time, money, sleep, body, AND sanity all in the name of what exactly????
Pressure crushes Pleasure
I get it, my dear. Despite all your achievements and self-growth efforts, you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and disconnected.
No wonder all that financial anxiety, overwhelm, and stress you experience are destroying your ability to really enjoy yourself, feel secure, happy, alive and free. And that’s a silent wealth-eater. Let this madness end!
Vanishing Wealth-Being
All those therapies you've tried didn't teach you these wealth-being skills. So, you’ve been feeling trapped in the same old cycle.
You see, traditional methods often miss the mark when it comes to observation and transmutation. And trying to succeed at the cost of your well-being is just not the way to go, today.
It’s time to live wealthy in all the key categories of your life!
We’ve got your back…and we are cheering on your new WEALTH-BEING!

The LIVING WEALTHY WISDOM PROGRAM combines nature’s teachings (unpacking key learnings of the O.W.L.), along with ancient wisdom, and modern technologies for a wholistic wealth approach.

From somatic practices, to central nervous system technologies, to emotional intelligence skills, and energetic resilience tools you’ll be well on your way to mastering financial wealth-being.

“Why” should you go through this process with Jennifer? To start…It shows up in your bank account. During this process I purchased my dream home, bought another vacation home, brought on a business partner, signed a $multi-7-figure contract and that’s all really just the cherry on top.

My entire life has transformed for the better.
Literally EVERYTHING has changed – how I feel, how I think, and my body.

Tyler Lowe

Cofounder & CEO Return on Ideas, USA

During this process I learned so much about myself — who I am — why I am. I was encouraged to get curious, unpack and take action. I was able to begin healing my relationship with my father that had been strained for over a decade.

Of course, I am still a work in progress, but the clarity I’ve gained is invaluable. To say that this process was transformational is an understatement

Kaona McGowan
 Just Call Me K
“If you examine any successful entrepreneur they typically have one thing in common: a mentor. Nearly every successful person in history had someone who they could confide in and learn from.

Jennifer Love offers entrepreneurs valuable insights.”
Marcus Lemonis
CNBC’s the Profit, Host Chairman & CEO Good Sam and Camping World, Lemon-AID Foundation
Program Highlights:
Our program features five meticulously crafted sessions,
each a treasure trove of wisdom, exercises, and challenges that
ensure you don't just survive your financial journey, but and also THRIVE!

Embodying The Beautiful Art of Imperfection
Grounding the intangible teachings in something tangible, embracing imperfection, and freeing yourself from the pressure of perfectionism. 
LivWeal's "The Way of the Witness"
Discover wisdom principles to help reshape your financial outlook, fostering gratitude and interconnectedness that lead to a balanced and harmonious financial life and overall enhanced wealth-being. 
In session two, explore the energy dynamics of money and learn to make conscious, value-aligned financial decisions that will enable you to cultivate emotional intelligence, creative problem-solving, and a sense of abundance, thereby significantly enriching your financial life and overall well-being. 
Session three teaches you how physical well-being and regulation impacts your financial choices, and through somatic exercises, it cultivates resilience, enabling you to handle financial challenges effectively, leading to overall financial health and stability. 
In session four, identifying and releasing limiting beliefs, coupled with nurturing a growth mindset, will foster mental well-being, leading to improved financial decisions and promoting an embracing attitude towards learning from experiences. 
Session five emphasizes understanding the effects of emotions on your finances and cultivating emotional resilience, thereby enabling confident, mindful financial decisions, fostering a healthier money relationship grounded in self-awareness and compassion. 
 12th, 19th, & 26th 
9th, & 16th
The Outcome:
What You Can Expect With Living Wealthy Wisdom Program
Room to breathe, my dear!

Our program is like yoga, but for your wallet and your heart. Mental peace and financial stability? Yes, they can share the same address!

A wealth of space, a leisurely pace, and
an abundant sense of wealth-being.

Isn’t that just a delightful thought?

And to add even more sweetness to this enticing proposition,
imagine the self-understanding and kindness and
liberation that you’ll savor with each step you take.

Upon completing our program…
Sense of Calm
You'll experience a newfound sense of calm, self-compassion, and self-control. You'll feel rejuvenated and capable of making decisions that align with your core values.
Goodbye Crisis Mode
No longer will you be plagued by perpetual crisis mode; instead, you'll find a fresh sense of joy in your financial relationships and the ability to fully appreciate the present moment.
Genuine Prosperity
You will be able to visualize yourself stepping into a realm full of opportunities and genuine prosperity!
Dynamic Oversight
You will acknowledge the often overlooked factors of energy, physical sensations, thought patterns, and emotions that impact your financial decisions, to achieve a wholistic approach to managing your finances.
Join group contests/challenges - intended to boost your financial awareness and facilitate fruitful discussions about money and your wealth-being.
What’s at stake?
Hearing from the passionate and driven business leaders, go-getters, and life-long learners who have taken on the journey with us towards LIVING WEALTHY…

Here are the dreams, aspirations, and realities they would have missed, had they not taken that one step into saying YES to the abundant life they so deserve.

In their own HEARTFELT words,
"Making TIME to do things that bring me true JOY"
"Pursuing WISDOM and the journey to BECOMING FULLY HUMAN."
"Knowing my SELF-WORTH and embracing it."
"Bringing deep SATISFACTION into my life and my relationships."
"Not going all-in could have cost me my ultimate goal in life — to live a life of EASE, deep CONTRIBUTION, CONTENTMENT, and SATISFACTION."
"ENJOYING the present moment. Being PRESENT with my family, my children, and my beautiful wife."
"LIBERATING myself from the suffering of anchoring into old patterns of limited beliefs when I can live in HAPPINESS, ABUNDANCE, and JOY."
"Knowing that I can LIVE as deeply as I want to."
"Embodying the FREEDOM to be HAPPY and CONTENT with life."
"LIVING and LOVING a fulfilling life."
You are READY beautiful soul…
Receive the LIVING WEALTHY WISDOM and step into a future filled with abundance, freedom, and joy.

Picture yourself observing, welcoming, and listening like the wise OWL, making mindful financial decisions, and embracing a life of authenticity and alignment with your values.

The WEALTH WISDOM PATH is waiting for you! 
Let's embark on this heart-centered journey together, where you'll experience the profound transformation you truly deserve. Don't miss this opportunity — your spacious, thriving, and abundant future awaits!
“Walking into a sales meeting Jennifer was in my head saying… ‘Power in the pause’ and ‘it’s the same energy to close a $35k deal as it is to close $100k deal’. I closed the deal and then did it again.”
Theresa Laurico
Producer & Entrepreneur, Canada

   All 5 Live Workshop Sessions Led by Jennifer Love  
  (2) 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions w/an Advanced LivWeal Coach 
 Access to Additional ‘On Demand’ Trainings
 Weekly Inspirational Surprises
Private Group Support

 $888 (Full Pay) OR $375 (x 3 Monthly Payments)
 ***  Future price will be $1200+ 
Risk-Free Guarantee

No worries, dear! If after the first class, you find this program isn't the right fit for you, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Living Wealthy Wisdom Program
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One-time Pay
(Pay in Full)
Payment Plan
(*3 payments of $375)
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Question: I have a busy schedule, will I still be able to do this program? 
 Answer: We have designed this program to work for people who lead rich lives who are up to something in the world. It is designed to be bite-sized and easy to integrate into your lifestyle. Each session provides impactful insights and practices without overwhelming your daily routine.
Question: How do I know if this program will bring the promised results and address my unique challenges? 
 Answer: At LivWeal, we have been doing this work for many years and have helped thousands of people. This program is built on proven principles, specifically tailored to tackle the pain points faced by creative entrepreneurs and change-makers. We have countless testimonials from satisfied participants who have experienced transformative results - which you can find on this page. 
 Question: I'm concerned about investing in the program. Is it worth the cost?
Answer: We get it; investing in your growth is a big decision. Only you can decide if something is a worthy investment or not. So we invite you to ask yourself, what is it worth to you to be financially and emotionally resilient? What is it worth to you to experience spaciousness and abundant well-being? To have a supportive community and mentors who truly get what it takes to live wealthy? 
 Question: Are online programs as effective as in-person workshops or sessions?
Answer: As much as we love our in-person programs, our online programs give us more space to learn over time and integrate practices into our daily lives. You get the best of both worlds: access to the material from home while benefiting from experienced facilitators and supportive community over time. 
 Question: I feel vulnerable about sharing what’s going on in my life - both financially and emotionally. How will this program address that?
Answer: You're in good hands! Our program fosters a safe and encouraging environment where you can explore and grow at your own pace. Our facilitators and community will be there to guide and uplift you throughout the journey. We carefully craft a community space for you to feel safe to share your truth without judgment. We’re all on this journey of being human together. 
 Question: I've tried other programs without success. How is this program different?
Answer: Oh, we feel you, lovely! Most programs are somewhat siloed and you have to piece together solutions to match your unique needs. Our program is uniquely designed to combine heart-centered awareness and somatic practices, addressing the root causes of your challenges. Get ready for a wholistic and transformative experience! 
 Question:  I am worried about committing to this program due to my current level of burnout and overwhelm in life. Can this program accommodate me where I’m at now?
Answer: The short answer is - you’re in the right place! The somatic practices we offer will retrain your nervous system in a gentle way over time. And in many ways, what we share is as much about letting go of what isn’t serving you as much as learning and embodying these new practices of living wealthy. 
Cultivating Wholistic Wealth
We, at the LivWeal Institute, envision to activate hearts to LIVE WEALTHY.

It exists to end EMOTIONAL POVERTY and unleash abundance for all. We believe that WHOLISTIC WEALTH comes from making clear-eyed, sustainable financial decisions grounded in psychological health. 

Wealth Philosopher, Money Therapist, Founding Visionary CEO
LivWeal Institute
As the creator of this program, my mission is to empower leaders like you, helping you break free from limitations, embrace your wholistic wealth, and live your best life!