Success stories
from around the world

Members of the LivWeal Community

These courageous and action-oriented folks are living their Wealthy Life – whether that’s starting a new business and smashing revenue goals, writing a novel for the first time, warming hearts and minds on stages as big as the United Nations General Assembly, or leaving conventional stuffy careers to fill up their soul with meaningful work that excites them.

They dream the same dreams, face the same challenges, and stand in the same grocery store lines that we do, grounded in the belief that we each have the power to define what it is to live our own wealthy life.

LivWeal Transformations

John BagdasarianCreative DirectorKnowing money story changes money behaviors

Adam CarpenterProduct ManufacturingNew personal relationship with money

Bailey RobertsEntrepreneur, Service IndustryAligning financial success with personal values

Carrie-Ann BiondiService Industry, AuthorKnowing how to make money work for ME

Christopher RobertsSales & Marketing ExecutiveExperiencing life-changing impact from seeing money story

Dana MierlakPerforming Artist & Operations DirectorReal life clearing and life changing actions from this work

Jay NazarRetail IndustryLearning how to prioritize myself

Jennifer MaffessantiService Industry, AuthorImpact of learning self-value and boundaries

Josette WilliamsRetail IndustryThinking clearer and making better decisions

Kathryn BakerService Industry ExecutiveReal life impact of doing this work

Lisa BarkerOperations Specialist and Business DirectorLearning and applying the power of intention and manifestation

Michelle GodfreyTherapist and Business OwnerResults of clear actions to change relationship with money

Michelle HessingService and Marketing EntrepreneurCreating boundaries and valuing yourself even when it is hard

Collin M.Entrepreneur & CEOChanging what money ‘means’

Derek NiedertService IndustryResults of learning to set wholesome boundaries

Erin GreenEntrepreneurImpact of finding her worth

Lee Williams BoudakianB2B Services ConsultantPower of the Money Story

Vanessa ChuiTherapist and CoachHope and empowerment has blossomed from this work

Theresa LauricoEntrepreneur & Event ProducerAmazing results from trusting this process

Kaona McGowanGraphic Designer & EntrepreneurLife-changing impact of this work

Alexis MalatestaEngineeringThe potential of seeing your money story

Rebecca DevaneySales and Marketing EntrepreneurTransformation is possible here with Jennifer Love

Working with Jennifer

Sholeh ShahinfarCEO and Speech Pathologist

Kim DaveyEntrepreneur & Real Estate Investor

Lily MockermanCEO and Entrepreneur

Kathy GoughenourCEO and Entrepreneur

Tyler LoweEntrepreneur and Co-founder of Return on Ideas, USA

Lourdes ParedesEntrepreneur & Yoga Teacher

Mary SaboEntrepreneur and Life Coach

Sheena RepathEntrepreneur & Co-founder