“I dare you to feel good, whole, and free about wealth. When you do, your life will be a grand adventure filled with awe and wonder. You will experience the natural orchestration of how life is happening for you no matter what may come.” ~ Jennifer Love

Jennifer Love is the creative drive and visionary CEO behind The LivWeal Institute, a social impact collective of organizations on a mission to end ‘Emotional Poverty’ and ignite ‘Living Wealthy’ as the collective norm.

As a thought leader and money therapist (with a heart that matches her name), she is a frequently trusted advisor and the wealth-whisperer to world leaders and entrepreneurs who are making the radical shift to a values-based revenue model based on reciprocity, sustainability, and growth thereby eliminating the stress out of the money equation so they can effectively raise, make, manage, and give money.

“Commit to a life of integrity and stewardship. This kind of intentional action is good for all. Your financial portfolio thanks you in advance.” ~ Jennifer Love

Having lived through multiple near-death and life-transformative experiences, Jennifer has an embodied understanding of what it takes to heal and to thrive. Most recently she was bucked off a horse and the impact crushed her spine, severely damaging several vertebrae. She was told by the medical professionals that she had a 10% chance of walking again without surgery and that if she did walk again, it would take 1 – 2 years to regain leg use and live a somewhat normal life again. Thirteen days after an 8.5 hour surgery installing two titanium rods and eight screws into her spine, Jennifer walked out of the rehabilitation hospital off of narcotics and at a pain threshold of 3.5. In less than 3 months she was hiking, bending, dancing and swimming. Seven months later she was completely pain free and 40 feet up in the air swinging on a trapeze. Just over a year later, she had all of the equipment removed from her spine and has been called a walking medical anomaly. This experience has deepened and clarified for Jennifer what it means to embrace the wealth that life offers. Tapping into her human design as a Manifestor, she understands the tools and practices that support the liberation of living life by choice.

“Be a master in practice and go all in on your lived experience everyday, because real success is not measured by the dollars in your bank, it’s measured by your open-hearted reciprocity.” ~ Jennifer Love

Jennifer is an award winning, 5x career entrepreneur (she’s the co-founder of NibMor, a wholesale chocolate company and a partner at Loliware, a product innovation and packaging company on a mission to create global change through reduction of waste) with 20+ years of achievement under her comfy Keds and mischievous smile. She has studied human and organizational behavior for over two decades and metamorphosis, the patterns of nature, and aspects of humanity inform her methodology. Jennifer’s work centers around the liberation from emotional poverty, mental anguish, relational pain, and spiritual emptiness to reunite us with our innate invitation to be free in our hearts and with our finances.

It wasn’t always like this for Jennifer though. In her words…

“I felt like I was born to achieve…
…yet for a portion of my career I found that burnout was the primary reward I received – even though I had lots of real estate investments, money in the bank, recognition through the press and several awards I WAS MISERABLE.

As a resilient survivor of workaholism…
(drinking 2-pots of coffee/day not sleeping 2 nights a week in my 20’s), a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, parental abandonment (went from having money to no money), bulimia, PTSD, and anxiety… I intimately learned the powerful transformative practices necessary to be taught in an emotional regulating, self-loving, playful, trauma-informed, and deeply compassionate way. I became my own best friend.

Through my personal transformation…
…I’ve become deeply passionate about supporting leaders in their relationship with wealth and freedom. I’m fascinated by people, patterns, and connections, I revere nature, and I’m a science nerd. Because I believe nature is our master teacher, I weave its principles and lessons through my teachings and conversations about wealth.

On a given day, Jennifer can be found diving deep with a leader in a private 1:1 money therapy sanctuary, guiding groups of leaders through workshops, ceremonies, and retreats, serving as a judge for special events, on stage sharing her research and views as a Wealth Philosopher, preparing entrepreneurs to land a deal on Shark Tank, advising clients behind-the-scenes of shows with Marcus Lemonis, meeting with community leaders and government officials, negotiating with investors, OR at home enjoying time with her sweetheart, her furry friend, and her adored garden of plants.

“I invite you to listen deeply to your joy, to get more curious, and to ride the waves of life enthusiastically. This form of play is your healing balm.” ~ Jennifer Love

Jennifer is an international speaker, author and educator who engages audiences and communities with her intoxicatingly playful approach to what it truly means to live wealthy: to thrive in right-relationship with ourselves, with each other, and with Mother earth.

“I cherish your liberty in communion with mine. A healthy community is our ecosystem to flourish and thrive.” ~ Jennifer Love

Her reverence for the natural world is how she brings us there through community, programs, workshops, ceremonies, and retreats like The Butterfly Ceremonies, her Podcast: The Nature of Money, and Living Wealthy Oratories where words are nibbles of chocolate and wealth melts in your mouth.

In Jennifer’s words…
“At the end of the day the medicine of intimacy, satisfaction, peace and prosperity, for me, come in the form of ritual, art, song, reading, 3+ hour deep drop-in conversations, outdoor adventure, a big belly laugh or heart opening cry, a delicious cup of tea, a bite or two of dark chocolate, a bowl of nourishment, and a good ole snuggle.”

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