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Nature of Money Episode 3 – Get F*CKing Emotional: Finding Gold in Your Emotional Life


The aftermath of 2020 has left so many feeling so very tender. Anger, sadness, anxiety are common yet so many want to turn away from FEELING. However, Feeling our feelings is NOT overrated because our feelings are our NORTH STAR – showing us – telling us exactly where we are in our own inner experience.

In this episode of the Nature of Money, I’m here with Tim Lewis, a man who spends his days in the tech world, AND is also an accomplished musician, composer, astrophotographer, and born polymath who relishes contemplating and communicating about any field of study that catches his fascination. Tim and I discuss the power of myth and “finding gold in the emotionality of our stories.” That emotionality that has been formed by the narrative of our life.

What are we “making money mean”? How are we defining ourselves? What is expressing itself through us? This is complicated to shift, because our ego /personality is very much part of us. Is change possible? If so, how? Join us in this episode to explore these questions, and more.

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