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Nature of Money Episode 2 – My Journey to Unpacking the Living Wealthy Model


The research and science is showing us that 90% of our financial decisions are based on emotion, only 10% is based on analysis or logic. So what’s happening for you in your emotional wealth zone has a lot to do with what’s going on for you financially.

I’ve come to realize, in my two decades as an entrepreneur and business advisor, that all of the strategies in the world didn’t really matter if the person didn’t work, because it wouldn’t work. All the strategies in the world didn’t help these leaders where they got stuck ….. their problems were not due to lack of talent or intelligence, or laziness. And so what made them tick, what were the true obstacles that they faced and how many of these were self imposed?

For myself…I also had to get perspective…I got curious . I dug and continue to dig into what’s running the show of my behaviors, beliefs, emotions and spirituality…because that is ultimately what is impacting the output of our financial lives. By the end of this episode, I share more on how my own journey and through my work with clients…it formed my philosophy of money and wealth and ultimately why it led me to this body of work I call Money Therapy.

It is my personal experience with many of these questions that lead me to develop a new approach to working with leaders….. In this episode of the Nature of Money, I talk about my experience – and why I think digging for emotional gold, and shifting narrative about money is so important. How can you interrupt the patterns that keep you stuck that have kept you where you are? Listen to learn more.

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