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Nature of Money Episode 1 – My Journey into Becoming a Money Therapist


How many leaders use “making money” as a way to contain pain instead of creating positive value for others and themselves? This was my story – which I share in this inaugural episode of the Nature of Money podcast. At age 30, I was exceptionally “successful” … I was leading a sizable global funding project with a pharmaceutical company and I was directing their team of scientists and business development group and company executives. But I was lonely and overwhelmed by the emptiness that I found there.

I’ve named the show the Nature of Money because I believe that nature has so much to teach us about wealth, about money, about living wealthy, and nature’s simple principles are the most fundamental lessons – of which most of us have forgotten. Nature iis the key to helping leaders and entrepreneurs shift how they are being with money and wealth – to something that is more organic, natural, and part of a thriving ecosystem.

While this show is for ALL leaders, I’ve made a special emphasis on the female founder. As more and more money enters the hands of women, as more and more women are becoming the breadwinners, as more and more women are stepping into leadership roles and starting or running businesses…I find that there is a special conversation that needs to be had for you ladies. Join us for that conversation now.

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