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A personal message from Jennifer Love, Founder of LivWeal Institute...

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March 21st

(2pm - 3:30pm PST)

March 22nd
(2pm - 3:30pm PST)

March 23rd
(2pm - 3:30pm & 3:45pm - 4:45pm PST)



Your Host: Jennifer Love

Wealth Philosopher, Money Therapist and the founding Visionary CEO of LivWeal Institute.

LivWeal Institute exists to end emotional poverty and unleash abundance for all. True wealth comes from making clear-eyed, sustainable financial decisions grounded in psychological health.



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Regardless of your bank balance, the feeling of not enough can permeate our decisions, actions and behaviors every day.  Many of us are traumatized, burned out, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, disconnected, lonely, filled with anger, anxious,  ashamed, guilty, or fearful.

We are in relationship with our families, children, friends and colleagues while carrying around this private, invisible baggage, and are overwhelmed with old stories and scars that impact our life’s important events and decisions for the future.

The truth that we know, and are continuing to discover, here at LivWeal is that there IS another way to experience life.

We know first hand how exciting and life changing it can be to close the gap between who we think we are supposed to be, and who we are actually meant to be.

This is the journey we are all on…
One that we share with our many friends, clients and loving community.

… Now we want to share this experience with you.

Keen to come to explore?
"In three days you've changed my life. I will never be the same."
(Dr. Mitchell gained the confidence to land the largest deal of her career during our event)
Dr. Lindsey Mitchell
Performance Psychologist + Founder of the Pave Group, USA
"Your toolbox of questions, exercises, and techniques is on par with Mary Poppins' carpet bag: you have a go-to for anything. This has been a life changing experience."
Tash Butler
Marketing Consultant + CEO of Boost Marketing Services, Australia
"Jennifer’s process provides rare and invaluable clarity to go “all in” and find what’s holding you back. You see what's there; and how you've unwholesomely framed yourself: business, relationships, money, the whole nine yards.
Tyler Lowe

Cofounder & CEO Return on Ideas, USA

Are you ready to...

Grasp how to live a truly wealthy life from the inside out (no matter the balance in your bank account, how stuck you feel, or what your past has been)


Understand what having an open-heart has to do with making more money (and how it will solve a lot of your daily financial problems)


Learn a simple 5-step process to free yourself of negative mental thoughts and magnetize more money into your life and business (and you can do this in 10 min or less whenever you need)


Get to know the 3-Headed Drama Llama currently running your financial life (and what to do instead)


Gain a new perspective and awareness, learn how to clear and tune, and then manifest what you deeply desire for your life.


Learn the missing key to changing your financial reality that allowed our CEO (JLove) to recover from a spinal injury in 2021 and still exceed revenue goals


Discover the 12 essential elements of Living Wealthy and how to make them your reality with ease


Feel the benefits, inspiration and support of a community that is in deep practice and consciously choosing themselves in order to serve others from abundance.



Listen to what leaders have to say about this....

"I came in one person and now I can see my transformation and everyone around me can see it too. 100% jump over the fence and bring your friends and family...this is LIFE CHANGING. Everyone should experience this."

~ Sholeh Shahinfar, Speech Pathologist + CEO of Valued Voices, USA

"Jennifer gets to the core of your soul unlike anybody else and she creates a safe space to go there. If you really want to do the work, she's for you because she's the whole entirety of life."

~ Kim Davey, Founder + CEO of She Shines On, New Zealand

"Jennifer Love is the money therapist you need in your life to develop your relationship with money in such a healthy way."

~ Lily Mockerman, Founder Total Customized Revenue Management, USA

"This group champions your success and you feel like you belong."

~ Keka DasGupta, Founder of The Art of Life-ing, Canada

Want to discover a life full of love, joy, ease and play?