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 In this LIVE Sacred Wealth Challenge, You’ll Increase Your Wealth Competence and Confidence and Let Go of Financial Fear & Uncertainty, Ignite Your Joy-Filled Financial Journey, All While Putting Money Back in Your Pockets

  1. Discover your “Wealthy Why” and amplify your motivation for achieving financial freedom.
  2. Uncover and stop your biggest money leaks to optimize your finances and accumulate more assets with ease. 
  3. Align money with your values, your Core Financial GPS.
  4. Get real about your Wealth Zone and what's limiting you, so you can break through the constraints that have been holding you back. 
  5. Discover the Currency of Prosperity that will fill your life with joy. 
  6. Supercharge your Abundance Mindset to unlock new levels of financial success and prosperity. 
  7. Access the Living Wealthy Map for a comprehensive approach to holistic wealth. 
  8. Invest in self-actualization: your brain's fountain of financial youth.
  9. Enjoy Live Q&A and coaching to get your questions answered and receive personalized guidance every step of the way.
  10. Cultivate community: your Avengers of Abundance!
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