LivWeal is here to help you master the art of living Your Wealthy Life.

We empower you with the structure, the space, the actual tools, the guidance, and the support to live Your Wealthy Life in all the ways. (… and we do mean in all the ways)

We provide…

unique personal and professional experiential learning environments – in person and virtually – for impact-focused entrepreneurs + professionals…. and their families, teams and organizations.

To support your…

Money Growth
Business Growth
Inner Growth

So you…

Have the money to do the things you want.
Play and enjoy life the way you want.
Love and connect the way you want.
Be clear and confident the way you want.
Honor the health of your body the way you want.
Feel empowered to be the way you want.

Note from our founder

Our Name & What We Stand For:

LivWeal (Live-Well)

Our name means…

Liv life, reconciliation, healing, peace

Weal well-being, wealth, prosperous state, happiness

This is a shortened form of LIVING WEALTHY, our derivation which states that worthiness, wellbeing, and life satisfaction are our birthright in communion with the entire natural world and all of its ecosystems.

Our Values

We are Adventurous:

Living in awe and wonder knowing life is happening for us.


Going all in because failure through practice is essential.

We play as RITUAL:

Listening deeply to our joy, curiosity, and enthusiasm.

We Are Stewarding a Flourishing Future:

Committing to intentional and integrous action for the good of all.

We cherish community CONNECTION:

Cherishing your liberty in communion with ours.


We go for ‘keep it simple, sweetheart’


“I feel so much gratitude. And what that feels like in my body is an opening, a softening, a place of self acceptance, a deeper level of self worthiness. I feel like there are more possibilities. On a daily level, I don’t have as much anxiety anymore. I feel like there’s so much more potential to become and to have. There’s more to abundance than money.”

Josette Williams

Living Wealthy – it’s much more than just about money.

“I cannot express how special Jennifer Love is. Not only does she have the emotional intelligence to create a safe space for growth, but Jennifer is also a financial and business oracle. Most importantly, Jennifer does this work because she genuinely wants to change the world for women through financial literacy. This has been the single best investment I have made for myself as a female professional. If you are ready to transform, this is for you. Thank you to Jennifer and her amazing team for my better future.” (Rebecca is now generating income 3x what she was)

Rebecca Devany

If you are ready to transform, this is for you!